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Why am I in Real Estate? My parents are hard working blue collar folks from small town Saskatchewan. My dad was a factory worker, and a plumber and he worked his way up to his dream job of firefighter! My mom was a Practical Nurse and homecare worker, to help stretch their salaries our family worked together to fulfill several janitorial contracts in my home town, we cleaned Motel Rooms, The Community Hall, The Post Office, local churches and the Elementary School. My parents had little money but they were careful and tried but through 3 separate bad real estate transactions they lost a total of $100,000 when they might have had a net worth of $200,000. It decimated their retirement and while their not needy their retirement is limited in its options in ways it shouldn't be because of 1 unscrupulous realtor and 2 lazy ones who didn't do the hard work to help my parents. Those realtors cost my parents $100,000.00. I work to make sure my clients have all the information to make the best decisions they can to meet their goals and to understand their options so that their dreams are fostered by their real estate investment decisions not hindered by them.
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